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Wall tiles changing to non-tiles when a material on conveyor belt melts in them

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I built a conveyor ice melter and a few tiles were in the way, including indestructible ruins tiles. In a short while, the three tiles through which the conveyor passed changed to non-solid (notice the bottle emptiers report they don't have foundation). I made a few experiments about it and the tiles are fine if conveyor goes through them or when material passes through them on the conveyor, so I believe it was caused by the material on coveyor changing state (ice->water).


Galactic Timeline.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build a conveyor belt through warm tiles, load it with ice, observe the behavior.
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User Feedback

Perhaps there are also other circumstances that can trigger this change in tiles.

I've also reported "defunct" tile ("missing foundation"), but there was no conveyor going through it. I was able to deconstruct the tile and build it again.

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