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I been playing ONI for awhile now, however recently I encounter a performance issue whereby the longer I keep the game open, the lower the FPS drops to  the point where I am no longer able to play. It started around there the new major update was release. I try to revert to previous version of the game, delete all my mods and do a clean install but to no avail. It doesn't matter if I quit or I start a new game. Just been on the main menu for 5-10 minutes will cause the FPS to drop to 5-10 FPS with me doing nothing in the game. Once it drops, the low FPS will persist till I restart my computer and me playing for another 5-10 minutes to encounter the same problem. I use an intel i9-9900K CPU and RTX 2080 for my set up for your info. I attach a screen shot of my game with NVidia overlay to show the horrible framerate I have when in game. 

I would appreciate it if anyone with the knowledge can help me with my problem as I am out of idea. I hope I will be able to continue my game. Thank your for taking your time to read!


Steps to Reproduce

Just opening the game and letting it run for some time will cause the low FPS issue.

The game starts with 165FPS and it drops consistently till it about 5-10 FPS after some time.

User Feedback

Have you checked what your CPU and GPU temperatures are when this happens? It's possible that if a fan has failed or the radiator is caked with dust that the components aren't being sufficiently cooled and after some time under load they get so hot that you end up being thermally throttled.

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I am experiencing the same issue. I’m running an I7 and a 2070 super. My game will start at over 60 fps but will drop to 4 fps within an hour of playing.  Restarting my computer fixes the problem temporarily but it still comes back.  I can quit ONI and fire up some other very graphic intensive games without any trouble.  

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