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Vanishing Hatch (Deleted)

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So, I just watched a hatch burrow into a piece of ground that was floating above a tiled-ground, and before it finished burrowing a dupe started digging the ground up. It looked like the hatch was falling in the animation, but then it just vanished. It couldn't burrow into the floor tile, I expected it to be standing there where it landed, but it wasn't. I searched the floor to see if it had scurried away in the blink of an eye, but it's no where on the level. I even box-selected the whole area with a capture critter order, and no order to capture it appeared. I started doing a tile by tile search, wondering if maybe it burrowed into the floor tile, but it's not showing as being inside a floor tile.

Oxygen Not Included 7_8_2021 7_53_18 AM.png

Oxygen Not Included 7_8_2021 7_53_10 AM.png

Steps to Reproduce

I have not reproduced it yet, but I suspect it has to do with digging up a piece of ground while the hatch is in it's burrowing animation.

The fact that it was over a floor tile that it couldn't burrow into might also have something to do with it. (I think I've seen hatches burrow immediately after being dug up before, so if it couldn't...?)

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User Feedback

It could have been right at the end of its life, but then you should be able to find some meat, yummy!

If you cannot find the meat, then this might indeed be one of those fringe cases where the Twilight Zone prevails. Here, hatchy hatchy! ;-)

(Sorry if this is not much help, good that you report problems to the devs! I'm just a lowly dupe like you...)

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