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Valves multiply liquid (when switching between elements?)

Red Shark
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I was attempting to create a water clock, and I have a valve set for 333.3 g/s throughput in a simple loop.


(There is a second 10kg stack of petroleum on the shutoff's input end)

Letting the liquids pass through the valve gives me this:


Magically creating 10.3 mg of both brine and salt water.

I assume this is due to rounding, but it makes my multi-element liquid clock rather hard to time :(

Steps to Reproduce
Replicate the liquid in the pipes in the screenshot. Let the liquid pass through a valve set to 333.3 Observe the liquid after having passed through the valve.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


This issue also appears in single element setups. The extra liquid always seems to appear at the microgram level (the .3 in your pictures above).  My best guess is that the game, when combining liquids, does some kind of forced rounding that affects liquids at the microgram level. 

I'll be posting this experiment in another place, but figured I'd put it here as well. 


Now let's look at what happens when liquid masses combine. Let's split the masses above into two parts, and then let the game combine them to see what happens. 

  1. Paint 0.02 kg on a flat plane, and then paint 0.0199999967 kg above it. Let the game proceed and the two combine (showing 39.9g of water).  No splitting happens.
  2. Paint 0.02 kg on a flat plane, and then paint 0.0199999968kg above it. Let the game proceed and the two combine (showing 40.0g of liquid). The game sends 10g left. 

=>When two liquids combine, the error that results from rounding appeared at the mcg level. This may explain why 10kg of liquid, when passed through some valves, produces an extra few mcg of liquid. Water clocks can be tempermental if completely sealed off, as they can produce (and I'm going to guess, delete) extra liquid if you are not careful. 

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