Unconstructive trait blocks digger from digging

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Placing a building over undug tiles results in "not permitted" for the digger, even though they have the skill to dig any hardness but are unconstructive.  This prevents anything from happening (cant build because tiles need dig, but dig is not permitted). This occurs for any building type like floor tiles, ladders etc.  

If the building is removed, Turner happily dig the tiles.  Turner is unconstructive.


Even though Turner is unconstructive, he should be able to dig but this is being blocked whenever the dig command is issued by placing a building,

Steps to Reproduce
Place building on hard or very hard tiles Nothing gets done. Digger (with the skill) is prevented from digging (not allowed)

User Feedback

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3 hours ago, NoVaxAren tReal said:

Was your dupe in a "work" schedule?
As, if it is in default schedule, "not permitted" simply means that they are asleep.

No, it will not get done over many cycles.  It shows "not permitted" and if you immediately cancel the building, and issue dig orders, it works.  I could live with buildings needing to have an open space but floor tiles and ladders are impossible because you have to limit to two tiles at a time.  Just drags tiles will never get built.

I loaded an old game and did not see the behaviour.  I trained a second dup to dig hard materials and they do get assigned.  So Turner is bugged?


Turner is allowed to dig.  Has skills for superhard digging.  Has Priorities as two up arrows on dig.  He shows "not permitted" whenever the dig order is associated with building.....and he is not constructive.  Editing original post to clarify.

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So the problem is the unconstructive trait probably (WHY DID YOU TOOK THAT TRAIT IN EARLY GAME?), simply the digging of space for new buildings is a "construction dig" so the poor Turner is afraid that this dig could help other to build, simply for now change builder and use the ladderless method of digging up and down.joml9573ub321.jpg

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A related issue:

- I have a bunch of heavy-watt conductive cable that was not getting built.

- I have a duplicant with electrical engineering skill and there no "Colony lacks skill" warnings on the heavy-watt cable.

- I eventually notice my electrical engineer duplicant is unconstructive (this was a replacement for another dup that died.. I have other heavy watt cables in my colony)

In this case I agree that the duplicant should not be able to build the cable, but there should be a "colony lacks skill" warning to help explain why it wasn't getting built.


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