UI scaling in 4k disrupts jobs screen selection

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When playing in 4k with UI scaling at 150% clicking one a dupe to assign them to a job does not work about 25% of the time. I think you need to hit the exact set of pixels for it to work. Doing so at 100% UI scale seems to work 95% of the time.

Steps to Reproduce
choose 4k resolution set ui scaling to 150% attempt to assign a dupe to a job through the jobs menu.

User Feedback

I also reported this about Jobs not sticking.   And  messed with UI scaling to get it to work.   But there are a few jobs that still didn't stick.

Not sure exactly what the best  scaling is.     I had to keep changing the scales.

ALSO-  I think its related to the window sizing as well.   I have 4k monitor.  But I don't use the full 4k  window size.  I have some custom size based on stretching/resizing of the window.  (that also  crashes or locks up the game sometimes from refreshing/update the visible display area)  Forcing me to close out.

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