Tutorial videos are black (on Linux?)

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If I try to play e.g. the "Tutorial: Duplicant movement" video, I get only the video title on a black background, but there's no actual video. The sound of the video can be heard though.

I've tried to strace the program and it appears it doesn't use any system video libraries, so I don't know what more info I can provide. The OS is openSUSE 15.1 x86_64.


Steps to Reproduce
Try to play any tutorial video.
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The issue here is quite simple. They need to use a different video codec. I've seen it in a number of other games.

Something like webm would work across Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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this is a very common unity bug on linux

this is especially bad for unity games where you have to play a video to progress, making the game unplayable

you can still play the video by finding it within the game's install directory, if your media player can recognise it (try mpv)

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