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TU - Musher Eats Water, But Still Says It Needs It

  • Known Issue

I just lost 2 Dupes by starvation because the Musher claimed it needed Water even though the Dupes kept feeding it Water. I had the Musher queued to produce Mush Bars and the only way to fix the problem was to clean out the queue and fill it up again. Since its very early in the morning, I don't have a save ready, but will upload it later.

Steps to Reproduce
Just put a lot of Mush Bars in the queue for Musher and it'll randomly happen.

Status: Known Issue

We are aware of this issue and have it logged internally but either we do not have a fix ready yet or we are not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future.

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User Feedback

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Here it is. I went back 2 Cycles to see if I could save the 2 Dupes, but couldn't. I even picked a Dupe to just have only Cook and that didn't work. I also deconstructed the Musher, saved the game a cycle later, loaded that game, replaced the Musher and that didn't work. They just didn't want to use it and would rather keep filling the Musher with water that I have naturally transferring from an upper level into the reservoir I built. I also had tons of dirt and even had them dig more in hope they would grab some, so that also wasn't the cause.

I was still able to save my colony after the water stopped falling. 1 Dupe with just Cook active finally started to use it and I have the Mush Bar set on infinite build.


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Here is my save file, Same thing is happening. No way to create mush bars. Dups just keep on pulling good water and then contaminated water no matter how far away it is in comparison to clean water. Once the contaminated hits the musher it cycles over so if you want mush bars you can't have em. ALL of your dups will continue pulling water forever unless they are told to stop, and ignore all other things. No sustainable food source plus not being able to create fried mush bars is rough.

The Mooples #2 Cycle 71.sav


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If you press the "craft continously" button, then they have to collect the required material x3 to start the crafting.

If you press to craft only 1 then they need to collect only the required material.

If the queue is empty they will still fill up the musher with the last crafted recipe.

The musher have a seperate storage for mush bar material and liceloaf material so i think its possible to have water inside musher that cant be used since its locked for the other food. (this one needs further testing)

You can empty the musher with the "empty storage" button and they wont try to fill up the musher with the last recipe then.

If contaminated water meets with normal water then it will spread the water on multiple tile and the dupes will grab only 1000g of water from these patches since its fragmented.

You can resolve this with mopping up the small amount of water.

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