TU-211579 Ice falls out of the Storage Compactor

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I have an Storage Compactor for liqufiables in the an ice biome. A dupes will store Ice in it. It falls out on the floor beneath it. The dupe will immediately pick it up and try to put it back in the compactor.  Leading in a loop of animation, The dupe picking up a ice chunk (ore?) and putting in the compactor. The ice chunk falling out and the dupe trying to put it back. Repeating four or five times. Then that dupe will move on, but then another dupe with try with the same loop four or five times. 

Steps to Reproduce
1. Storage Compactor in Ice Biome. 2. Store Liqufible items in said Compactor.

User Feedback


Whats the temperature of the compactor? I have a feeling the ice melts and so not a solid thus its forced out but then it freezes again.

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