Triage cot not working as intended

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Seems that the dupe needs Kindness I before the triage cot can be used... and when used the dupe just lies in the cot making sick animations without actually being sick. Dupes without Kindness I skill are "ineligible" to be assigned to the triage cot and thus don't get treated when sick. Also needing 3 upgrades to treat sick dupes (access to the triage cot via medical compounding->duplicant care->improved kindness i) is a bit much. Seems to me like the triage cot should be available for dupe treatment much sooner. So I'll state that as a bug.

I added a pic showing Ellie and Harold. Ellie can be assigned, but Harold can't. Also I have no sick dupes (atm). Don't mind the puft chilling on the triage cot... That's the medbay mascot. 



Steps to Reproduce
as exlained above. get a medbay > see that sick dupes can't be assigned > get a lvl 3 care dupe that can be assigned, but doesn't attend to the bed, just lies in it and pretends to be sick.

User Feedback

You´re other dupes are at 100% health. They cant use the cot, because the dont need to. Do you go to the hospital if you perfectly healthy? 

Use of the triage cot means beeing treated there, not treating. Every dupe that does not have the negative trait preventing it, can treat another dupe in a triage cot.

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If you look at the the screenshot, it shows that it's only for their HP 0-100% when they should go get their HP treated. And, yes, it says ineligible because they are healthy. That's to BE treated. Kinda how you assign beds/mess tables/etc. However, it might be a better idea to mark them as "healthy" when ineligible and "being treated" for assigned.

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Is Ellie injured here? If she's not injured, but can be assigned simply due to her medical skill(and thus goes to the cot and lies down in it for treatment), that's definitely a bug.

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no it turns out after I got ellie to lvl 3 she had gotten some damage. so.. that helped compound the confusion for me. Like I said before. It's a change that I missed and therefore it looked like a bug to me. 


this was not a bug, just me not up-to-date with the qol3 change. 

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