Tofu or Natto ?

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This is bugging me...

The description for tofu is:



Nosh Bean curd.

but curdling requires a fat-rich liquid (eg: milk). Fermented beans (I suppose that's the expected word) produces natto, not tofu

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Check the new recipes

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Dubu(tofu) recipe
1. keep nosh beans soaked in water
2. Grind the nosh beans finely.
3. Boil bean water. (bean water is similar to milk)
4. Add salt water.
5. Sift out the curdled bean water.
6. Put in a hard box.
7. Press to dewater and shape tofu.
8. Cut the tofu.
9. Marinated in Pincha Pepperplant.

This is too much summed up.

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