Thermo Regulator stores gas

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Thermo Regulator stores some amount of gas. 

Thermo Regulator usually is just a pass through for gas. It reduces the gas temp and stores 0Kg gas.
For the issue I'm seeing, Theormo Regulator is still working (taking in and outputing gas). It is just that there is some amount of gas buffered/stored in it. 

Steps to Reproduce
Build: RP-394616 Not exactly sure, I chained a few Thermo Regulator to cool gas. 1st time this happened on the first (left) Thermo Regulator. 2nd time this happened on the second (middle) Thermo Regulator.

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The same thing happened to me in Spaced Out today. I noticed that the gas was not being cooled as usual even though the Regulator was running. Turns out it was storing the gas instead of cooling it.

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