Thermo Aquatuner tooltip is wrong by 3 orders of magnitude

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The tooltip of Thermo Aquatuner says that it generates heat of an approximate value of 58.51W, hovering over the tooltip a pop-up window is displayed that explains that cooling down a room temperature water of 1kg will output an energy of 58 506J which is equivalent to 58.51 kW of power.



Steps to Reproduce
Open "Utilities", select "Thermo Aquatuner", look at the tooltip

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This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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.... ....

Except that calculating it by hand you get 58 506J

Specific heat capacity of water in ONI is 4.179 J/(g*K) which is 4179 J(kg*K)
Mass: 1kg

Change of temperature is 14K

14K * 1kg * 4179 J(kg*K) = 58 506 J


EDIT: Now that I think about it, it makes sense, the Wheezeworts output 12kW of cooling while in Hydrogen, if Aquatuners really heated up by 58.51W like the game states, one Wheezewort would be more than enough to cool several Aquatuners (around 20) running non-stop

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I think this mistake in the description applies to most, if not all, statements of heat wattage. For example, The AETN lists 40 W, but is actually cooling at 40 kW (or whatever the specific number is).

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Like ThyReaper says, when buildings state heat wattage it's off by 1000; there's an additional 20% factor due to the hidden 20% modifier to buildings in heat exchange that means that the effective statement is off by 200 for most buildings.  I believe that aquatuners heat output doesn't have this 20% modifier because their heat output is uniquely derived from the contents, well and thermoregs as well.

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