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[Thermal Update]Temperature Doesn't Permeate Properly

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For minor temperatures, it seems to work fine, but I got creative trying to liquidate my carbon dioxide and chlorine by filtering the oxygen into the Thermo Regulators.  I pump the oxygen into a separate part of my base, then cool it there to -87 degrees celsius then pump it back into a different cold biome that I have filled with carbon dioxide.  Basically, it'll come through the system as I planned, but when it exits the gas vent, it completely disappears and there's no change in temperature at all.  

Land Where THAT Colony Happened.sav

Edit: Yes I know that the gas vent is overpressurized.  It wasn't before when the glitch was happening.  This is just where my current save is.  

Steps to Reproduce
Pump filtered oxygen into thermo regulators to an extreme cold temperatures, then pump it back into a room full of carbon dioxide. At the very least, I would expect the carbon dioxide to get colder, but it doesn't even do that.
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It's a similar problem with ice and hot water.  I dropped thousands of kilograms of ice into sizzling hot water fresh from the geyser and the temperature is going down by like .1 degrees celsius every cycle.  

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