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hello. can i have an answer for two questions - why the f* the dupes are putting the triple of needed ingredients into the kiln and why, when because of this the kiln has stacked 20 tons of clay and 10 tons of coal it STOPS working until the dupes bring 300 more clay and 75 coal? 

the same applies for the cranulator and the refinery (only double stuff)

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just build and watch

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This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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I've noticed a few more specifics on this that may be helpful.  To keep it simple, it seems to sometimes store Clay and Coal after it outputs a batch of Ceramic, rather than deleting the original ingredients.  I'm not sure what triggers this, as it seems to be inconsistent.

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I have an answer to "why the f*"!
You have found a bug. Congratulations for reporting. Bug trackers are here so you can let the developers know of things you encounter, especially while the game is still in early access. Reporting correctly and asking questions are two different things, also throwing frustrations into the mix does not help constructively with fixing problems that occur.


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