The game does not run on my computer

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I purchased this game via steam six months ago, but I found that my laptop cannot run the official version!
I have tried reinstalling DX, VC ++, Windows and it still looks like this (This translation is from Google Translate)



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你好,我已经补上了文件。但我没有找到DMP 文件,这个文件也需要嘛?

Hi, I have made up the file. But I didn't find the DMP file. Is this file needed?


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Hi, no need for the dmp file.

It appears that the game is having trouble loading resources. Can you try:

In Steam, right-click on Oxygen Not Included -> "Properties" -> "Local Files" -> "Verify Integrity of Local Files"

If that doesn't work, try disabling your mods. Since the game is crashing, you can't disable them from inside the game.

Look for this file and delete it (this is safe, it will be recreated by the game):


If that fixes it, one of the mods must be the issue.

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Hi, I have tried "Verify Integrity of Local Files" and unsubscribed all MODs and deleted mods.json. But unfortunately, the problem still appeared.:blue:

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.... .... ....

Interesting, this is quite mysterious. Here are few other ideas:

1) If you haven't already, try a complete uninstall in Steam and reinstall the game

2) If that doesn't work, go to Steam -> Right-click on ONI -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files
   Then navigate to -> OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\elements\
   In this directory, there should be 4 .yaml files (you should see gas,solid,liquid, and special)
   Try deleting these files, I'd be curious to see if Windows complains when you attempt to delete them.
   After deleting these files, go back to Steam and re-do the "Verify Integrity of Local Files" (this will re-create those 4 files)

3) Finally, if the issue still persists, could you attach those 4 files here? Then I can take a look to see if there's an issue with the resource data

(edit: additional instructions in 2)

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