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The advanced mode of the signal counter outputs a long signal of 2 ticks or more when the signal output overlaps with the construction / demolition of other automation objects

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Building or demolishing buildings or wires with automation capabilities will update your automation time by one tick.
We recognize that this is a game mechanics that many people who have played with automation in the sandbox are aware of.


So this is fine in itself, but there is a problem that the advanced mode of the signal counter does not properly support this mechanism.


The signal counter on the right is in normal mode and the signal counter on the left is in advanced mode.
As you can see, the signal counter in advanced mode cannot properly respond to automation updates during construction / demolition, and outputs a signal of 1 tick or more.
This was paused for clarity, but of course the same thing happens with normal real-time duplicant construction / demolition.
An obvious problem is when combined with an XOR toggle circuit that relies on a 1-tick signal.


In this way, the state of the XOR toggle was orderly at first, but due to the overlapping timing of construction / demolition by the duplicant, a 2-tick signal was transmitted, and the state of the XOR toggle went wrong.
This means that automation systems with precise tick control can have problems.

Of course, to avoid this, you can do it by adding a logic gate to make the signal 1 tick, or by not using the advanced mode in the first place, but that makes the circuit a little redundant.
The advanced mode of the signal counter is an easy-to-use feature. So if this is an unintended bug, I hope it will be fixed someday.

Steps to Reproduce

As shown in the video above.

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User Feedback


I'm sorry, the description I wrote above may be verbose and confusing. (And since I use google translate, I'm worried whether the intention is conveyed correctly)
As another reference, I will upload a video that visualizes the signal fluctuations in advanced mode and normal mode with a pixel pack. I will also upload the save data.



save: Abyss_test.sav

The signal counter in normal mode is on the right, and the signal counter in advanced mode is on the left.
You can see that every time the duplicant disassembles the wire, the advanced mode signal is noisy, but the normal mode signal is not at all.
The problem I want to convey is, in short, this noise part. It's probably enough if you understand that.

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