Temerature of buildings doesn't depend on temperature of materials.

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It seems like it is a feature that buildings cannot exceed 15-45C range, but it doesn't make any sence to just loose/gain heat for free now that we have so many ways to manage temperatures.

It is extreemely disturbing when working in really hot or cold environments which you're trying to keep isolated. You basically cannot build/rebuild anything without changing the temperature of an environment

Steps to Reproduce
Take any material otside 15-45C range. Build anything(?) with it.

User Feedback

I agree completely that it is odd. Without a way to filter which materials you use by temperature, fixing this will be nigh impossible. I spent 60 cycles once (before I learned how to use debug) getting myself ready to build some stuff out of 500C materials. That's when I discovered the "capped at 45" issue.... Ugh.....  It was frustrating, and a waste of a day. 

If they don't address this, it would at least be nice to have it stated, somewhere in the game, that this is happening. 

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