Supply dupes with an inability trait won't supply for those type of tasks

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I don't know if this is intentional or not but I have noticed that dupes with an inability,  such as "Unconstructive", won't even deliver materials to construction tasks. I have not checked this yet, but I assume this would carry over to other inability traits like being unable to research, or unable to cook. This means gofer dupes won't supply water from pitcher pumps to mushers or super computers if they have the associated inability trait, even though they are not actually doing the cooking or research. This is fairly inefficient because this forces other non-supply dupes to do the gofer's job.The dupe with the next highest priority to do these supply tasks are likely to be the dupes assigned to do the cooking/researching/building. As a result, this bug is probably secretly contributing to players feeling like the dupes don't do what they are told. 

As a side note, telling a dupe to not do research or cooking in the priorities menu does not prevent that dupe from supplying to those tasks. It just prevents that dupe from preforming it. My hope is that inability traits will be changed to follow this pattern.

Steps to Reproduce
Have a supply dupe with an inability trait. Check priorities for supplying to buildings/tasks associated with said inability trait.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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I have done some testing and I have confirmed my suspicions that this extends to all inability traits. I have a few pictures that demonstrate this in game.


In this image Ren is shown that he is unable to cook and therefore prevented from delivering supplies to the musher as noted in the errand tab for the machine. I have similar images for Harold being unable to deliver to the research station and Camille being unable to deliver to the apothecary below. This is caused by them having the associated inability trait for the machine. 



I hope this helps track down the bug!

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