Superheated gas pockets

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Been playing for a while, and this is probably one of the stranger bugs I've seen. Every once in a while a superheated pocket of gas shows up near my coal generator, which I placed in an ice biome. Thankfully, the gas pockets quickly cool down, but if a dupe gets too close they get some nasty burns.


Steps to Reproduce
Not entirely sure what causes it, but it has only ever happened near my coal generator in the ice biome; another generator within my base has had no such issues. I also use a liquid cooling system for the generator, though I do not know if that is a factor.

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I think this issue is pressure related, you need to keep the air pressurized around all heat producing buildings for the heat to transfer. A small pocket of low pressure air heats up really quickly.

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I've had this too,

the only difference was that the temperature was lower (still like 1000 C for no reason) and it was spreat a little bit. The weird part was that the surrounding area was like -4 C and suddenly there is a temperature change of 1000 degrees..

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Yea it would make sense that a pocket of gas with really small mass would heat up quickly, come to think of it. On the other hand though, it shouldn't have enough thermal energy in that tiny bit of gas to make dupes melt :D. Also PVD, better make sure your atmosphere doesn't combust if that keeps up lol. 

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