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I hope this is the correct place to post this, apologies if it is not. I've become completely addicted to this game and I've had a few things jump out at me.
I'd love is space played a more interesting role in gameplay. Being on an asteroid but having no sense that you are surrounded by space makes it feel more like terraria style digging. Adding something to give a sense that beyond the walls there is hard vacuum would be awesome.

Outer Airlock: Alien Structure on the top of the map, breaching outwards to the edge. When the airlock is opened it vents everything nearby into the void extremely quickly, including duplicants that are directly under the opening.

I think this could play into a second idea, which is to have gameplay events. Minor things like Alien Tech running amok. Things like Outer airlock opened, needs to be closed. Neural Vascillator coming alive and trying to "consume" any nearby duplicant to recharge itself, or bigger things like supervirus develops in a polluted region of the map in some sort of highly contagious outbreak.
Thanks for your time!

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