[SU-296074] Warning about missing materials for building is all Jiggy with it..

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I have a grill set up in advance to grill both mushrooms and gristle berry forever.

I don't currently have any of either.  As expected i eventually get a 'Building lacks resources' message in the top left.

it keeps jiggling from its starting location to a few spaces left and back again.  very quickly.


 a quick bit of testing shows it doesn't require infinite crafting or multiples different recipes.  May not even correspond to the grill only but ive not got other buildings to test with researched yet,  also noticed I'd not assigned a cook job, that changed nothing.  does not interfere with cooking other recipes I have materials for.

Steps to Reproduce
Build a grill, set it to make things you don't have enough of.. watch the dancing.

User Feedback

I have this happening but for the Microbe musher being out of materials for lice loaf. 

It does this infinitely until the message goes away.

Cannot confirm if it is only for food related buildings though. It is really quite annoying because it makes the alert noise constantly too.

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I too have this issue and can elaborate.  When you select a recipe (stove, crusher, etc...) for some items, you will get spammed with the message that there aren't enough resources even though you did when selecting it. The dupe picks up the item and then drops it (likely because of the spam message?). When the dupe drops it something funky happens, the resources have been "consumed" but only in the scope of the building and storage, but when looking at the menu to the right, the value displayed there appears inflated.


For example, I had 4kg pepper, and 18 sleet wheat.

Tried to make the bread, message spam about resources happens. Now, my menu on the right still shows 4kg of pepper and 18 sleet wheat but my storage container (and there's nothing else on the map) only contains 3kg of pepper and 8 sleet wheat as if they have been used but the food was never cooked.

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