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Video of issue:

Before I start explaining my problem, I will explain what you see in the linked video: I am loading up 3 save files. The first and the last are freshly made games after the recent expansion. The last game is made with all default options, but with a fully revealed map to show how bad the game gets. The second save file i load runs smoothly and is around 700 cycles in, it is from an earlier patch. The fps is lower, which is not an issue, but the jittering is gone on that map. Hence my own conclusion is that it has nothing to do with the hardware, but perhaps some software instead (the latest patch?).

I wanted to play ONI again after the game received couple of major updates since the last time I played it. But after playing just a few cycles (~15 cycles) the game starts to stutter. It's very visible when I move the camera around, and it doesn't matter if the game is paused or on full speed. To be more specific: if I move the camera, the stutter appears every ½-1½ second. It doesn't matter if the game is paused or not. It only gets worse if I play more cycles. I stopped the game around 50 cycles because the stutter becomes unbearable.

When I started a fresh map with no mods and default options, I noticed that the jittering starts as soon as I get a bit of progress, around the time i hit lavatory/sinks, and connect them to water. And it only worsens the further I get.

intel 8700k OC'ed @4.7 ghz
Nvidia GTX 1070
16gb ram

What I have tried so far:
- Disabling steam overlay
- Windowed mode.
- 60 hz vs. 144 hz.
- Fiddling with Nvidia 3D settings.
- Disabling all mods
- Loading up earlier save (earlier patch red.) files which runs smoothly.
- Monitoring my hardware with HWmonitor - After 5 mins play in a 50 cycle map I reached the following: Max cpu load in that time frame was 71%, and GPU 56%

Steps to Reproduce
The above mentioned
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User Feedback

Same issue, posted here

but with no response.

Would love some sort of hot fix or something for this. Only way to play it is to launch your new game on an old build of the game AND then transfer the save to the latest updated version of the build.

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I think the issue may have something to do with how much of the map is revealed. I loaded up a fresh meteor, Cycle 1, no builds, nothing, enabled Sandbox mode, and used the Reveal tool to remove the blacked out areas. The camera was perfectly smooth until I started revealing more than 75% of the map. Once fully revealed, there is a big stutter that occurs once per second while moving the camera.

I'm using the current patch, the test maps were all generated with current patch.

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This happens on a fresh map. If you just start it, load in, pan the camera at high fps you will get crazy frame times randomly even without moving your characters at all.

For the moderators etc I have done some more testing, apparently if you use RiviaTuner or Nvidias newly FPS limiter and set it to 120 it pretty much completely removes all the extra micro stuttering.

I have a 240hz Gsync monitor. Also a GTX 1080ti. So early stages of a map I can easily push this game at 240hz all day long. Of course the bigger you build it will slow down steadily.

The only issue, is you didn't have to limit the FPS on the older versions of the game. I have also tried limiting CPU cores, doesn't seem to help, forcing GPU to stay boosted, doesn't help.

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I was experiencing the same problem after playing for the first time in quite some time (prior to the release of the cloud saves.)

Create a new world, then turn off cloud saves by clicking the "Cloud" icon in the lower right of the image.  It will change to "Local".
After starting a new world with the Cloud saving disabled, I am no longer experiencing any stuttering.


Klei: this is definitely an issue tied to the cloud save functionality.  Please look into it!


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Just get an "Outdoors Renovations" achievement for you colony – it's clearly broken.

Game checks every second if you have built anything in a different biome and, apparently, the code responsible for those checks is far from being optimized.

Much thanks to the Reddit user who discovered this:

There is a mod on Steam Workshop which disables this achievement:

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