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Strange gas behavior

Harrold Saxon
  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Closed

Gases don't seem to be spreading out properly? Pressures are higher at the bottom right of rooms, and co2 along the bottom or in the bottom right corner isn't displacing oxygen of a lower pressure.


Steps to Reproduce
1. start a new game 2. Let gasses settle over a few cycles 3. Look at the weird pressures in some of the rooms
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User Feedback

Here's a save with two good examples of places where the gas is not spreading out properly. perhaps a quirk of the shape of the space? this was not how gas acted before yesterdays fix for gas behavior; they would quickly reach equal pressures in a space. the only thing i can think of is that it has to do with the tile between the co2 and oxygen constantly switching between the two gases? idk...

If anything, it makes gameplay a little easier as CO2 tends to stay more out of the way, just struck me as unusual compared to the past.

Example of gas issue.sav



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Changed Status to Closed

With respect to this behavior, gasses are behaving as they were previously. The Materials Overlay (F4) is a good way to visualize gas packet movement.

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