Hey folks, I discovered some strange behaviour of the liquid tepidizer. I was working on some compact sustainable designs for steam turbines. I found a satisfying solution that was able to power two turbines with three automated doors and a tepidizer. However, when I reloaded the savegames it did not work anymore. Naturally I was assuming I didn't reach steady state in my previous trys and was looking for improvements. This went on for some hours after I realized this: The tepidizers seem to have different thermal properties after I load my savegame (e.g. they produce less heat) If I destroy them and rebuilt them. Everything works fine again. I am aware of at least two exploits for the tepidizers in this setup: using tepiziders above 85°C and using them in athmosphere and not water. Is this behaviour known when these exploits are used with tepedizers? Of note: submerging the tepidizer in a slightly different design in petrol is vulnerable as well - therefore I conclude it is not the "not submerged" part of the exploits. Playground.sav
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