Storage compactor relieved himself

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The two storage compactors in the image had quite the same content, 20 tons of polluted ice stored inside since cycle ~200 (I'm at 1152).

I never bothered moving them when I expanded base because I noticed that the polluted ice temperature won't change when inside a storage compactor (I guess it is the same issue about the gas pipes resetting the temperature of the gas, environment temperature changes according to the storage one).



The left one content just transformed into polluted water. The water is still at the temperature the ice was, -21 degrees.


confused water.png

I don't even know what to report, I guess that's kinda the behaviour i was expecting in the first place (all the swept around ice heating up and melting in the same point). It's just kinda late(900 cycles!), plus the water isn't at 0+ degrees.

Oh and the right storage compactor didnt give a damn, and still storagecompacting his ice.


Edit: doublechecked, the polluted ice melting point is -20.6 degrees. Fool of me I guess. Can I set the report to solved on my own? @ImDaMisterL

Edit2: Still, the ice in the right storage didnt lose a single degree in 900+ cycles.



Steps to Reproduce
Fill a storage compactor with polluted ice. Persuade yourself that no, the ice won't change its temperature. Wait 900 cycles.

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