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Steam passes through closed airlock

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Did not found this one mentioned - unlike other gasses, steam goes right through airlock like it's not there.


Steps to Reproduce
Dig to magma to generate steam and have an airlock along the way.
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User Feedback

This seems to be 'fixable' at times by having a duplicant walk through the airlock, after it closed again it seems to function - till you load a save, where they currently seem to revert back to being optically closed but acting as if they're open. So it seems that the airlock tracks two states (one used for the visuals and one used in the gas/fluid simulation) which are not in sync when building and loading (visually close, simulation-wise open).

@devs: While looking at airlocks, could you please make them push the gas volume inside them to their sides when they close, instead of (as they currently seem to) deleting it?

Thanks for the, as it seems coming along nicely, game.

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