Steam Disk Write Error

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I've tried this several times and not the result several times. Attempting to download the game from Steam doesn't download the game properly; it says that there's a disk write error.

Steps to Reproduce

I've tried:

  • On two different drives.
  • Both of which have a lot more than the required space.
  • With and without anti-virus switched on.
  • With and without DLC enabled.
  • Cleared Steam download cache.
  • Changed Steam download server location.
  • Verifying files.

It appears only to install the MonoBleedingEdge folder and nothing else. I've tried downloading other games from Steam (onto the same disks) and it works fine. One time it downloaded the exe as well, started running and then crashed out. When I checked the folder everything was gone again apart from MonoBleedingEdge.


User Feedback

7 minutes ago, cyberpunkdreams said:

It turns out that AVG Behaviour Shield doesn't like the app (I'd only turned off File Shield before).

yes, its been reported before, good that you find that out yourself

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