Steam achievements stopped unlocking

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In the past have had Steam achievements stop unlocking. Turns out, it was due to switching back and forth between survival and sandbox. This time, no such activity has occurred. Started a new colony. Never used debug or switched to any other modes or previous games, Steam achievements have just stopped working. Last achievement unlocked in Steam a week ago on 10/2/2019. Just launched the first rocket and got Space Race in game, but not in Steam. At the top of the achievement overlay it says 'platform achievements can't be unlocked due to debug mode being used'. Only thing that has changed in the past week is your update. 

Only had the 5 achievements left, all space related, and now i'm sitting here with a broken game. Seriously ticked off about this.

Steps to Reproduce
Unlock in-game achievement, doesn't unlock in Steam.
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I have the same problem. I am using mods, not sure if that affect with steam achievement, but at this point, it's the best guess, despite many claim that it doesnt. 

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