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Starving Dupes

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Closed

Currently, dupes refuse to eat except for during "break time", even if they are starving.  This leads to Dupes occasionally starving before the next break period.


I believe the issue only appears if the schedule is "implemented" (the clock on the timer being dark grey rather than light grey), although it is unclear as the details aren't all filled in yet.  


This issue has persisted since shortly after I joined the preview branch.  Currently using an update that came out a few hours ago.


The attached file has a dupe that starved before break time (even with muckroot allowed to be eaten).

Dystopia Cycle 132.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Have a starving dupe who would die before the break period starts. Ensure the stopwatch button on the cycle counter is dark grey rather than pale grey. Ensure there is food accessible by the starving dupe.
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User Feedback

Changed Status to Closed

Hi @Erie

There was a bug that prevented starving dupes from eating, but that should have been fixed in an earlier hotfix.

What seems to be happening in your case is that the starving dupe Meep has been prevented from eating the only food that he's able to reach (Muckroot).  This might have gotten turned off by an accidental misclick.  If you re-enable Muckroot, he should go and eat it even during work hours.


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