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Starving critters next to full critter feeder

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I noticed that my Voles kept dying off and found that they were actually not eating from the feeders. A reload fixed this, but there seems to be some bug. I am going to run things overnight and, if it does not crash (which it did the last few nights), I will check whether the issue happens again. Save attached anyways.

I also noticed that the sweeper-arm is very slow and sluggish and sometimes does not do its job of filling the critter-feeders at all.


Steps to Reproduce
Run attached save for a long time, may or may not happen again.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


I think this is the bug that when shove voles make regolith tiles on top of the feeders the feeders stop working. Mining the tile should make the feeder work again, but it doesnt

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