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Starvation when on toilet

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I noticed that I get starvation messages even with plenty of food available and everything set as allowed to eat.

So I checked up on the dupe if he maybe was stuck somewhere ... and indeed he was: He was inside a toilet doing his business.

Apparently that counts as being blocked from food, hence the notification.

Not gamebreaking, but kinda annoying,.

Steps to Reproduce
Have a dupe on the brink of starvation go to the toilet.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


Thanks for capturing this. I have seen this repeated and have about 2 million food. I actually lost a few duplicants to real starvation because I started to ignore the warning!

I'm playing on Ravaging Hunger mode, so they often go below 1000 kcal by the time they actually get to the common food source.

Apparently the duplicants starvation message goes away if they are en route to eating (ie, having the "going to eat" status), but they lose that status and cause a "Starvation" warning when using the bathroom.


They also display starving when "catching breath" and "expressing themselves" (such as when they are sticking out their tongue after consuming food with germs)

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