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Sopping Wet debuff applied to Duplicants despite wearing an atmo suit

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I find this weird that the dupes gain the sopping wet debuff from entering liquids despite having an atmo suit equpped. Same for them complaining about being cold / hot.

Steps to Reproduce
Have a dupe in an atmo suit enter liquid.
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User Feedback

Did your dupe perhaps peed himself inside the suite? That would make him sopping wet I guess :)

Complaining about hot/cold while in atmo suite, that I have seen as well. But I always thought that dupes wouldn't get the debuff while in the atmo suite. Will pay better attention next time to verify this.

Do you have any screenshots and/or a game logfile to demonstrate this?

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Just verified it with the Toasty Surroundings debuff. This indeed happens while in atmo suite.

From the description however this looks like designed. Atmo suite provide insulation (thick clothes) so dupes get hotter while wearing it. Is that how it's intended? See:

Now to verify the sopping wet debuff while wearing atmo suite. That one shouldn't happen..


Sopping Wet while in atmo suite doesn't happen for me. Can you tell more specifically where you saw this?


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