Sometimes auto-sweeper is stuck unsuccessfully moving food.

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Sometimes auto-sweeper is stuck repeatedly trying to move milligrams of food, unsuccessfully.

After reload it operates normally.

Video recording of the stuck auto-sweeper and colony save file in attachement.


Steps to Reproduce
Play normally with attached design until bug occures.

User Feedback

Same happens to me. No need to reload, you just empty and refill the the fridge. Why auto-sweeper tries to load conveyor receptacle? :o

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Dupes will end up doing the same thing. There will be 1,704g of meat on the ground, and they'll repeatedly pick up 500mg of it and put it into the fridge, this will effectively kill both the dupe's time and the fridge, since it's always in use.  

After i discovered this, i set the meat to compost, and then the dupe went and started doing the exact same thing to a pile of meal lice, storing  500ish mg at a time.

Workaround is to clear storage settings on the fridge and reset.

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