Some buildings allow construction through a layer of tiles

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Some buildings can be built through tiles (not diagonal access, but actually through an entire row of tiles). This appears to only happen when building from ABOVE. 


It seems to affect doors, minipumps (in any of the 3 rotated positions), conveyor loaders and receptacles, valves, shutoffs, etc.  Above, the conveyor loaders appear to both be buildable, but only the rotated one is actually buildable. 

They can build the conveyor loader, but cannot put materials in it from above (so at least that isn't a bug). 


Steps to Reproduce
Ask the dupes to build something, from above. Watch them build it. Start with a door, then move on to lots of other rotatable items.
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User Feedback

If you can build it, then you can also deconstruct it through tiles.  You can't access storages to put things in, but you can destroy what has been built this way. 

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Bunker doors are madness because of this. The second tile from the left is the "center" as far as the game is concerned, and since it only considers default rotation, how you can build them is really weird.

Left vs. right is different, of course:



Utter chaos:



Makes sense if we unrotate:




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