Solar panel not blocking path / not considered as a tile

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Since the last update allowing heavy watt wire to go through solar panels, they are not blocking path of creatures. As you can see on the screen, shine bug can go through and lamp are not on a tile.

Steps to Reproduce

- Build a solar panel

- Free flying creature behind the solar panel

- Observe them escape

User Feedback

More accurately: Any already existing-before-the-update solar panel has "invisible" (non existent..?) floor to navigation. Only gases are blocked. 

panels.thumb.PNG.537642011de721acb051c37d858c8349.PNG  1142051579_panelsDLC.PNG.64a4a8e24b1c84901ab74562ec488cfd.PNG

Any newly built ones seem to be normal.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

When you reload the game, it should fix itself, but if my suspicions are correct, it's possible that whatever caused it will happen again. If you're still seeing this in your save, would you mind posting the save file?

@sakura_sk Oooh interesting, thanks for the info!

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