Slimelung death despite recent treatment

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Rowan will die from slimelung if untreated in 0.3 cycles.

I put him in med bed with priority 9.

He gets treated. His info now says he will die in 10 cycles if untreated and will recover in 3 cycles.

Rowan dies 10 seconds later.


I loaded game and the same thing happened. I've attached some pics and a save file 20 seconds before it happens.

day 127 after rowan dies.jpg

day 127 before rowan dies.jpg

The Scientific Tunnel Cycle 127.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I've attached a save game. Just unpause for 20 seconds and Rowan will die. I'm not what the cause is.

User Feedback

That indented text in the tooltip is a description of the disease, not of the current state. "Death in 10 cycles" doesn't mean Rowan would die 10 cycles from now, but that Slimelung causes a death in 10 cycles (from the moment somebody contracts it).

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llunak is right, this a description of the disease, not the duplicant. One additional thing to note is that the 10 cycles is cumulative for every moment the duplicant does not have the Received Treatment buff. So if you treat them at 7cycles to die, after the treatment wears off, the duplicant will have 7cycles to live.

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