Shower problmes

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As far as I saw the shower is a very inconsistent building. 70% of the time dupe goes inside, spend a few moments there and then exits shower, still with "grimy" modifier on him (I may have messed up the exact name - it's the one tied to shower as opposed to "dirty hands"). But the remaining 30% it works just fine - dupes spent some time (not just a few moments) and exit without "dirty" modifier.

At all times the shower had both water intake and water outtake was free, so I think it may be some priority thing - they go in, but the task "shower" isn't fixed like visit to the toilet is.

Or "dirty" modifier is actually have multiple instances - so dupe need multiple showers to get rid of it completely.

Steps to Reproduce
Use the shower building with a base of >10dupes and lot of pending tasks.

User Feedback

I'm sorry, false alarm - turns out shower output just was full, so dupes interrupted the process. Ticked closed, sorry for inconvenience. 

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Same here. It doesn't seem like an output problem to me. They just go in, shower for one second, then leave to do some minor task like digging or delivery.

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If the shower writes "empty pipe" then it doesnt get enough incoming water and thats why it doesnt work. (need a steady flow of water with liquid valve or a 10kg blob waiting at inlet)

If the shower writes "not pumping" then it cant pump out the contaminated water. Every cross section halves the right so send out blob even if the pipe is empty. (Either you have to use single line outlet pipe into a vent or purifier, or use liquid valves to maintain the outlet pressure)

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