Shower issues?

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The piping works fine as far as i can tell but they only stay in the shower for like half a second then leave it.

How do I fix this or is it a bug?


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Just tried to make some showers.

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Following this thread because my guys just started doing this with the new may 15th-ish expanded food update.  They've never done this before.


I just found out what the problem was.

I put the shower on the water pipe line BEFORE the bathrooms.  If you have the shower on AFTER (at the end of the water incoming pipe), they won't take full showers.

In the attached image, the old shower (left) only gave 1 second showers.  The new shower (right) gives full showers.

The new water is coming from the right of the screen and going left.  Strange because I have hydroponic pots before the shower.

Unless someone needed to use the bathroom when someone was taking a shower, the water pressure should be constant max, but it's not - so this is a bug.

You could add a little mob called a shower bug like a snake that would come out of the pipes every once and a while, that would be freakin' creepy.


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Ok, well that fixed the problem on my last colony, but now I have a dedicated pump to a single shower and they still only use it for 1 second.  The plumbing all works, but the guys just run off before they're done.

Now my guys can't get anything done unless I take the shower offline...

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