Shower and lavatory are adding water?

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So, I already used the Shower/Lavatory > Water Purifier > Back to shower/lavatory system and had no problems the first time, but this second time I'm constantly having problems with my pump system getting full and rendering the Lavatories useless (though the showers don't stop). I then make a longer pipe connecting the purifier to the bathroom, but few cycles later the pipes are full again.

It is something like this


v                                                             ^

v                                                             ^

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>               ^

v                v              v           v               ^

Lavatory  Lavatory  Shower  Shower      ^

v                v              v           v               ^



I'll try to invert the position of the Showers and Lavatories and see what happens.

Steps to Reproduce
2 Lavatories + 2 showers > Polluted water through Purifier > Clean water back to the bathroom

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2 hours ago, Executive_Lurker said:

The poo man, you can't forget about the mass of the poo.

And purifier turns it to water.

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