Several screens have miniscule UI on 4K display in public testing branch

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Linux Known Issue

On the public testing branch several screens are displaying with miniscule UI on my 4K display. This makes them almost unusable, and the starmap is so small that its background doesn't even cover the full screen.

This includes:

  • The printing pod selection dialog
  • The starmap
  • The skills screen
  • The research screen

The research screen shown here is on the maximum possible zoom level.

The starmap is on the default zoom level, and zooming zooms only the transparent grid overlay, leaving the background as is. Actually the zoom for the grid overlay seems fine, and is well sized at both minimum and maximum zoom, it is only the starmap background that seems to be sized incorrectly.

Tested on patch 507045.





Steps to Reproduce

Play the game on Linux with a 4K display, and open any of these dialogs. Probably other high-res displays will also show the symptoms. Not sure about other operating systems.

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