Seed FRST-C-2060754623-0 with geyser spawn problems

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I just created a small asteroid with the seed FRST-C-2060754623-0.

It generated a forest asteroid without hydrogen geyser. Navigating in debug mode, I found other geyser missing, like the screenshot in the radioative asteroid.




Steps to Reproduce

Create asteroid with seed FRST-C-2060754623-0

User Feedback


The geysers/critters/plants have not spawned yet under the fog of war but they exist. They only spawn when a Duplicant first moves near them. You can also use the sandbox reveal tool or click the "Spawn All (Slow)" button in the dev debug tools. Note that the Spawn All button will start simulating those asteroids whereas normally they would only start being simulated when you first discover them.

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