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Sometimes, when removing seeds from pots, it shows as 0 (Name of Seed) (Example: 0 Wheezewort). When this seed is planted, instead of being 0, a decimal number shows up instead, which can be planted with no forseeable consequence, and functions normally as you would expect said seed to function. I have not encounted this bug prior to the ranching update.

I have seen this bug happen on Mealwood, Blossom, Sleetwheat, and Wort Seeds (I currently have 3 more wheezeworts that what i originally found) (Note the all seeds i mentioned are the only seeds i ever actually used. I never used any other seeds for planting)

Heres an example of this bug on a Blossom Seed.



Steps to Reproduce
I am unable to verify this bug happening with this, but i believe that it happens whenever i store these seeds in a locker, then take them out again once i need them planted. I would try to reproduce this problem, but i am currently experiencing a seperate bug that breaks my experience and i do not wish to progress the world more.

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I'm not completly sure but I think this bug happens, when your Dupes try to store a seed in a container which does not have enough space left for the seed. I encountered this bug too.

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