Screen stuttering, Game framerate issue every half second

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

This is ridiculous why is your game stuttering this hard. i went and bought a motherbard thinking it was the problem. came home to find this board isnt the issue. its YOUR GAME, im only 68 days into this one. but very commited and now i may just uninstall the game because its UNBAREABLE to try to play. ill attach my saved game and you guys can looks further into this..

Outrageous Abyss.png

Outrageous Abyss Cycle 63.png

Outrageous Abyss Cycle 54.png

Outrageous Abyss.sav Outrageous Abyss Cycle 63.sav Outrageous Abyss Cycle 54.sav

Steps to Reproduce

just load the game it should start the stuttering ive replaced my hhd with ssd and issue remains. tried a fix that someone created as a mod but also did not work...



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