Screen freezes then what I am holding gets place all over the screen

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The screen will freeze for a second and then whatever i am holding like the pipes, ladder,cables, etc. the item will be placed all over the screen i have taken snapshots of when it happened. then after i am able to deselect the item cause it does not work when it has gone crazy. it will work fine for a while. if this happens when i have closed and reloaded the file the problem still persists. the outline showing where the item will appear does does not go away. even when i cancel it out. there are times when it is the cancel button the is the problem then the dimensions of the cancel box do not disappear.

Oxygen Not Included 12_29_2019 4_04_04 AM.png

Oxygen Not Included 12_29_2019 1_31_49 AM.png

Steps to Reproduce
I do not what i did to cause the problem i just clicked on the icon started add the pipe or to cancel of an order and the screen would freezes and my mouse would be not be where it was before.

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This is an old issue they tried to remediate, but didn't fully succeed.

What happens is that when the game is saved (when a day starts), it freezes and every movement you do is exaggerated, causing the issue when the game finishes saving.

What they tried to do was to not save while the mouse button is pressed. But if you stop pressing and immediately press again, it will again have the old issue.

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I've actually had this happen when it's not saving, late in the game when it's chugging along at low FPS, occasionally it'll take more than a second to do calculations/updates, and this happens. That's thankfully rare compared to the save related issue.

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