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Save Broken by New Update

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I believe the most recent update has broken my save/mods.  Every time I try to load the save, I get the message "Error occurred, please restart game."  Disabling and restarting mods doesn't fix it.  Disabling all mods and running the save works, but upon reenabling mods after, the save returns to giving an error message.  I think the mods themselves are working because I can start a new game with them active, though this broken save is in quite late game.  If you can help me repair my save that would be great.


ONI Sword Base Rime.sav


Steps to Reproduce
Running the save with mods.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


The crashes in the log seem to be coming directly from a mod that has patched the game.
I can't tell which mod it is from this, but any mod that interacts with the steam turbine is a potential cause.

MissingFieldException: Field '.SteamTurbine.maxWattage' not found.
at (wrapper dynamic-method) SteamTurbine.OnSpawn_Patch1

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.... .... ....

It's Bigger Capacity on the Steam Workshop.  Some commenters there have posted a workaround.

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