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Sandbox Destroy Crash

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Sandbox will crash when using the destroy tile tool, either while the game is running or after unpausing.

Steps to Reproduce
Generate a map and enable sandbox mode. Pause the game. Select the reveal too, set the range to 100, and click ONCE on the starting area to reveal the entire map. Reset the range to 5. Select the destroy tool, set the range to 100 and click ONCE on the starting area. Wait for the game to finish destroying all tiles and objects on the map. (this may take some time, but does complete on my computer) Click a second time to remove all the unburied objects and any remaining elements on the map. Wait for the game to finish destroying those objects and tiles. Set the range on the destroy tool to 5, to reduce lag. Wait a moment or two. Unpause. Crash should occur immediately or within 1 second. - Alternately, set the destroy tool to range 10 and with the game unpaused, slowly destroy the map after the map has been revealed. The game should eventually crash.
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User Feedback

Considering the number of other crashes in the game after the recent update it may not be related to sandbox mode or the destroy tool specifically.

Also, the range on the tools are dependent on your machine. If you set the range too large even a good machine will crash. If the game chokes and dies with the large ranges, just reveal/destroy the map using a smaller brush.

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