Runaway CO2 model

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The CO2 concentrations in the tiles just above the polluted water in my distillation 'tower' are impossibly high. Note that there is nothing inside the distillation tower that produces CO2. The cause of this issue is likely due to an imbalance in a loop in the gas model that is continuously adding CO2 to that closed environment, which is beyond anything I can debug in-game.

The screenshot shows the fourth tile only, the four tiles above the polluted water read 70.7, 62.1, 98.1, 103.9 Kg of Carbon Dioxide.



Steps to Reproduce
Build a closed-off section that repeatedly fills with high pressure steam??? Observe CO2 levels increase to impossible levels.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Your steam chamber is definitely not closed off. There are 'leaks' along the ladders at the very least, so depending on how the steam appears and disappears, it may be pulling air from surrounding rooms and then when the steam develops, compressing that air into single tiles.

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