Research table layout is way too zoomed in!

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In the research table layout I can't zoom out and it stays way too zoomed in and it's hard to track everything.




Steps to Reproduce
Just opening the regular Research Station tab.
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User Feedback

This happens due to UI scaling. UI scaling should not be applied to research screen, and the user uses zoom in to see the details. Alternatively, UI scaling is still applied, but the user should have the possibility to scale out much further.

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I have the same problem, also on 2560x1440 macOS version. I agree that the natural limit to zooming out should be when the entire research tree fits.

On a related note, it would be helpful if the research screen centered on the current ongoing research when you opened it, so you don't have to look for what you're currently researching (which is especially bothersome now that you can't zoom out).

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