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Recover breath task completed in full when wearing fully stocked atmo suit

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Dupes that have run out of breath and are looking for oxygen will equip an atmo suit in order to pass a suit checkpoint on the way to a breathable gas pocket, then take the helmet off to recover breath but this doesn't make sense when the atmo suit itself provides oxygen. It would make far more sense for dupes near a full atmo suit to simply use the atmo suit itself for recovering breath -- why send them all the way into potentially germ-infested rooms past the checkpoint and have them take a perfectly breathable atmo suit helmet off in order to breathe from the environment? At the same time, their status suggests that they're already recovering their breath, but the recover breath task is not cancelled and completed in full, including taking off the helmet as if the suit was depleted and not a source of oxygen at all.


Steps to Reproduce
Ensure no breathable gas is available on the dock side of an atmo suit checkpoint and that breathable gas is available past the checkpoint. When dupes run out of breath, they will pick the nearest pocket of breathable gas (which will be on the other side of the checkpoint), equip the atmo suit and desperately proceed to the breathable air pocket while to complete the task, while their status shows they are already recovering their breath inside the atmo suit.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


It probably depends on how the game is coded so that an atmo-suit will not trigger breath recovering animation and will not be considered as a spot in which recover breath.
BTW the breath recovering animation let your dupes recover breath faster (3% if i remember well).

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